Becca’s interest in innovative holistic therapies was sparked during her seven years working with remote tribal communities in the Amazon and Southern Africa with Survival International, where she worked as a campaigner for indigenous peoples’ land rights.

During her travels through South America and Southern Africa she learned about the Ayoreo tribe’s massage techniques, the Peruvian Matsés’ use of plant medicines and the life changing therapy of Colombia’s Arhuaco tribe, who practice meditation and energy work to heal. She went on to study Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine, Swedish massage and 5 Element Yoga.

Drawing from her experience in the holistic traditions of Eastern medicine and the anatomical wisdom of the West, Becca provides her clients with deeply relaxing treatments that restore and support balance in the body and mind.

“Rebecca is an extremely attentive, patient and kind therapist. Her Shiatsu treatment always leaves me with a connected and relaxed sense of being. She not only heals but listens and gives you the tools for you to continue your own self care on a everyday basis. Highly recommended..”